We run 20 feeders, pretty well all hunters see lots of deer at the stands every day. The stands average 12 feet, to a high of 25 feet. You will get 3 different feeder stands for the week. We try to work it so the feeders are hunted only 2 days out of the week.
Cold is no problem, we have heated tree stands. Stands are very well placed in well scouted areas over looking feeders, plus established game trails that pass through some of our logged areas, sloughs, and open clearings. We start pre-feeding in September, so by November the Whitetail have very established trails.
The guides have a good knowledge of the area. Our outfitting area is 20 X 40 square miles of crown land. The hunts are 6 days. Pricing includes meals, lodging, and pickup from the Saskatoon airport.

Please contact us for prices and references.

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