Specializing in MONSTER Northern Pike and Walleye

Explore the area's scenic beauty, a variety of sights and sounds, and the many different animal and bird species. TOBIN LAKE is part of this incredible beauty ! Tobin Lake, just 30 minutes to the northeast of Carrot River, Saskatchewan, is a man made lake that serves as the resevoir for the E.B. Campbell Hydro-Electric Station.

The lake offers the largest Pike and Walleye in Saskatchewan. Tobin Lake holds the record Walleye at 18.2 pounds and the largest known Northern Pike landed at 38 pounds.

You'll find a lot of challenge in fishing the 40 mile long, 16 mile wide, Tobin Lake. It's a scenic four mile ride from the lodge and cabins to where you launch your boat.

The Saskatchewan River is a 10 minute walk ( you can also drive ) to the water to fish offshore. Fishing is excellent and the fish are plentiful.

The Tobin Lake Trout Pond is about three miles from the lodge and is stalked with Rainbow Trout. Here you can try your luck fly fishing or casting. The limit is 2 fish. The average weight is about one pound, with fish weighing up to 6 lbs. having been caught.

Catch And Release:
            There is a size limit on Tobin Lake ( the smaller fish are great for eating ), to allow for plentiful fish stocks and trophy Northern Pike and Walleye. For your enjoyment we encourage catch and release.

     Please make sure to bring your camera along and take lots of pictures.

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