Canada Bear Hunts

bear hunts in canada

All hunts are 6 days with meals and accommodation included. We guarantee you an active stand and will do our best to provide you with a memorable hunt. Your trophy is skillfully handled, frozen and will be ready for whatever plans you have for it to last a lifetime.


The number of Black Bears in this area is good with many weighing more than 300 pounds and skulls measuring into the Pope & Young category. The oldest bear taken in 1999 was 19 years old, with a skull measurement of 20 inches. The average bear taken is 4 to 5 years of age. We are fortunate to not only have black-Black Bears, we also have a lot of color phases (approx. 50%), ranging from blonde to dark chocolate with every shade in-between, and quite a few with white chests.

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We run 26 stands in both the Spring and the Fall at established sites. All are great bow stands and are about 12 feet high. Shooting time ends after 9 pm a lot of the time and hunters return very late, even later if someone has been successful. Because of this, we eat supper at 3 pm and around 4 pm hunters are taken to their stands for the evening. Our Spring hunts start in early May and run into June when their breeding season starts. The Fall season is mostly during the month of September and into October. It’s common to see more than 5 bears in one evening. It’s exciting ….. when all of a sudden you look down, and there’s a 300-pound black bear looking right at you ….. it will make your heart pound!!


A deposit of $800 USD per hunter is required to book your hunt and is not refundable.