Canada Deer Hunts

Canada whitetail hunts

All hunts are 6 days with meals and accommodation included. We guarantee you an active stand and will do our best to provide you with a memorable hunt. Your trophy is skillfully handled, frozen and will be ready for whatever plans you have for it to last a lifetime.


We run 22 stands which consist of a few ground blinds, but most are box stands that average 12 feet high. You can hunt with rifle, muzzleloader, crossbow or archery. Heaters are provided to make your sit as comfortable as possible. The bait sites are 100 yards away or less to ensure the best opportunity for a clean shot on a still target. Hunters will get 3 different locations to sit, we try to work it so each stand is hunted only 2 days out of the week. Stand locations are well established overlooking feeders in various areas of habitat. Game trails pass through some of our logged areas, sloughs, and open clearings. Pretty well all hunters see lots of deer at the stands every day.

Canadian whitetail outfitters

We give 100% effort to have your hunting days filled with lots of exciting deer activity! Our guides have a good knowledge of the land with decades of experience in this area. We start pre-feeding in September, so by November the Whitetail have very established trails. Our outfitting area is 20 X 40 square miles of crown land, it is the perfect combination of elements to grow trophies of a lifetime, we have genetics for typical and non-typical, chocolate horned and massive bodied Saskatchewan Whitetail – what dreams are made of.


Our deer season is five weeks, depending on the year-usually starting the last week of October into November and ending the last week of November into December. A deposit of $1,500 USD per hunter is required to book your hunt and is not refundable.